Volunteers Needed for Student Art Show

Hello theart showre!

We need your help!  The SW Charter Art program has been given an exciting opportunity.

The South Waterfront’s Geezer Gallery has offered to let us use their space for an art show next month.  This will feature art from all of the students.  We are so excited to share their work!  We will have a big opening event.  The proceeds will go back into the art program and 30% will go to the inter-generational art program being created by the Geezer Gallery.  This is an exciting collaboration for the school.  Starting in January, the kids will have the opportunity to make art with residents from the Mirabella retirement home.

We are looking for a some volunteers to help us with the art show and art opening.  There are a variety of different tasks we will be needing help with.  You don’t have to be an artist!

Please email us for more information.  We’ll have a meeting on Thursday, December 3rd at Elephant’s Deli, 8:30 am, where we will talk over details of this community event

We would love your help, Thanks!

Jenny and Melissa

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1 Response to Volunteers Needed for Student Art Show

  1. Meigan says:

    This is so awesome you guys! What a great way to teach kids about art, and place-based learning too. I am so grateful you have taken this on. Thanks!!

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