No Body to Murder

No BodyCome enjoy a night of theater put on by the talented 5th – 8th graders of SW Charter School!

The students will be performing No Body to Murder by Edith Weiss.

Here’s a synopsis: Bad news — in the form of severe thunderstorms and an escaped convict — threatens the guests at the Come On Inn of Nova Scotia.  By the end of the day, gung-ho aerobics instructor Billie Body is mysteriously murdered during a power outage.  Was it the cook’s lemonade that poisoned her, or did someone else have a hand in Body’s death?  Who would have the audacity to commit murder under so many noses?  Inspector Black, on the scene in search of the escaped convict, has his job cut out for him.  As the winds howl, suspicions rage — from Garth the gardener (who weeds with an axe) to an inept doctor on holiday from malpractice suits to a hairdresser who constantly changes her appearance — everyone has a hidden motive to want Billie Body dead.  After all, she does have abs “to die for”!

Performances are Thursday, December 3rd & Friday, December 4th at 7 pm

$5.00 for adults

$3.00 for students

Tickets: For tickets contact Karen Bennett at (503) 244-1697 or see her in the school office.

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