Need Help with Carpooling?

carpoolLet’s work together and get our school carpooling!  Its time to sign up for the school pool with Oregon Metro.  This year we are continuing to use the same online carpool system as last year. It is a secure, private network designed for our school.  The more parents that register, the higher the chance of successful carpools.  That means less traffic and more parking around our school!  I promise this process is not as lengthy as the steps below make it seem.

Here’s how to get started!

  • Register at  A confirmation email will be sent to your email account for verification.
  • Email Shannon at ShannonLRO@GMAIL.COM and ask for the passcode.  You will use this passcode later, in step #6.
  • After receiving the passcode, log into This will open the registration page. You only want to check one box which says “I am a parent and I am here for SchoolPool”.  Uncheck all other boxes that might have been automatically checked. Fill in your home address & click “continue”.
  • This takes you to the Member Main Page. Click the green “Get Started” button on the left of the following SchoolPool notice “Are you here for SchoolPool? You can post your SchoolPool trip once you join your school network. Get started and join the school network now!”.
  • This takes you to the Network Search page. Type in “Southwest Charter School” in the search box, click “search”.  Now select “Southwest Charter School” as your network.
  • Enter passcode, select “parent” and fill in the information for your children that need a carpool, and click “continue”.
  • Now you are ready to add your specific carpool “route” to the system. This is the step that allows registered parents to see whose location is convenient to theirs, and contact those parents for setting up a carpool! Click “+Add SchoolPool Trip” in the yellow box, to continue.
  • Almost done! Enter your route information, time frames, select your children to be carpooled, and how you want the trip information to be visible. IMPORTANT NOTE: on the “who can see this trip” question, please select “parents from Southwest Charter School”.
  • Now you can see what matches come up with other registered SWCS parents! The more parents that register, the higher the chance of successful carpools! Check back often if no matches come up right away. It takes time during the start of the school year for everyone to get their data into the carpool network.
  • Did you find a great match?  Please email once you have made contact and arranged your first carpool.  I’d love to keep track of how many matches we get!


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