Wall of Wine Collection Begins Thursday, 1/28

wine bottles4Thursday, January 28th we begin collecting for our 2016 Wall of Wine for this year’s auction. Every year, we have a goal of collecting 75 bottles from the community.

Please help!  Here are the easy steps for donating wine to the auction:

      • Buy or Collect (from family wine cellar or friendly neighborhood bottle shop) a bottle of wine that is valued at $15 or more. Wines worth $20 or more will draw particularly large amounts of gratitude and karma.
      • Put your NAME and VALUE OF WINE on a sticker or post-it, and…
      • AFFIX this information FIRMLY to your bottle!  We want to make sure every donor gets into the drawing for the exterior or interior car detail at Freeman Motors (worth $150)!

Your participation in the annual wall of wine collection really helps make the auction fun, as well as more successful, and thus really helps our school 🙂

P.S.  If you aren’t planning to attend the auction, please remember two things:

  • it is FREE to attend the silent auction portion of the event and to bid (quietly on paper) on what is a truly impressive collection of goods this year!
  • the food, entertainment, and feeling of community at the auction are GREAT; the auction really is a lot of fun, as well as our most important fundraiser.

Please consider coming this year!

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