Next Adventure Recognized for Service to Portland School Children!

next-adventure-logoAbout a month ago, we did a post about the great folks at Next Adventure, a SWCS family-owned business, who have graciously paid the way for our students to ride the Portland Streetcar for free so that we can continue our commitment to place-based education.

streetcarNot only is Next Adventure supporting our school, but they have made a pledge effective from the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year to cover the cost of Portland Streetcar fares for all Portland public school children on school-sponsored trips for five years!

For more details and words from Deek Heycamp, co-owner of Next Adventure and SWCS dad, read this article from Outdoor Magazine, an outdoor industry trade publication.

Here’s a great quote from Deek included in the article:

“To me it’s just a feel-good great deal,” Heykamp said. “Providing free rides to schoolchildren also falls in line with all of the values of Next Adventure, such as getting youth out and into the community. It also falls in line with our belief in using public transportation and with our desire to keep our city livable and strong. We get so much benefit from living, working, and doing business in a city like Portland. We know that we have a responsibility to give back. Because this initiative fits with all our values, this is a wonderful way to do that.”

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