Friends of SW Charter Meeting Minutes ~ June 2016

Friends of SW Charter School

Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2016


Playground Update:

  • Hanne: Moving forward, last meeting low turnout ~ 5 in attendance
  • Expressed need more parent involvement. Concern that there is not enough parent support.
  • Outreach possibilities:
    • Facebook – series of posts with bright pictures
    • Sign-Up Genius
    • Shutterfly?
  • Build weekend scheduled for August 6th & 7th – Focus on 1st phase which includes the outdoor classroom, garden planters, removal of chicken coop, development of garden area
    • Coordinating child care during weekend to possibly include:
      • movie
      • arts & crafts
    • Need food and water for the day
  • Committee is working on determining projects that can be done at other times as well:
    • fence toppers
    • mural outside
    • tiles
    • tool Library for the playground
  • A list of jobs for the playground project is under development
  • The chicken coop is not part of the new playground design – discussion of return to owner.
  • Next Playground meeting is 6/28

New Grant/FoSWCS Fundraising

  • Update from SWCS Board Meeting
    • Grant is to help educate about place based education, will also help fund Field Work Coordinator Position
    • Has there been a search for an auction coordinator?
    • Discussion of Benevon fundraising model currently under adoption by SWCS School Board
    • What kind of fundraising events should Friends do?
      • Discussion of more focused fundraising events by Friends that are complementary to the work of supporting the community
    • Consideration of sustainable advancement fundraising vs. parent fundraising
    • Friends budget: scholarships, want transportation for field trips – how much would it cost to rent or purchase a bus for transportation? Brainstorming on possible focus directions for FoSWCS. Will continue discussions as more is learned about Benevon model

Need Committee Documentation

  • Reminder to Friends members to document jobs
  • Friends should make a list of available jobs
  • Post once per month in summer? Highlight different jobs?
  • Room Parent Coordinator
    • Emilie is going to take this on for next year
  • Block Party Coordinators
    • Nicole and Emilie are going to plan this for the fall
    • Harvest Dance? Ice Cream Social? Hot Dog/Burger Truck?
    • Food Trucks/Lee Farms/Ruby Jewel
    • 8th Graders Host the Event? work through Amanda
    • Adrienne can sew banners
    • For the whole family
    • Brainstorming to continue…

Field Day Wrap Up

  • Overall, everyone pleased
  • Next year: Kickball game earlier, tug of war really fun, younger grade teachers felt the day was a bit long
  • Need more garbage cans – lots of garbage pick up

Budget Review – Pending

  • Once final numbers are received a final budget will be done.
  • Proposal: determine Friends focus of activities for next year and develop budget based on this focus (scholarships/transportation)

After School Classes

  • General survey from Nicole re. language classes should be going out soon
  • Adrienne has fillable document with other after school class ideas and teacher ideas – will send out to FoSWCS
  • Proposal: Language classes start in fall, start 6 week enrichment classes in February
  • Language classes 3 sessions – October to winter break, Winter break to spring break, spring break to end of year

Google Docs version of June 2016 Minutes:


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