Donate Your Chinook Book Coupon and Celebrate Our Students!

couponParents, would you be willing to donate The Circuit Bouldering Gym coupon from your new Chinook Book to help celebrate our K-5 students this year?

We are hoping to present the highest earning K-5 Arts ParkRun class with a field trip to The Circuit!


The Circuit has been very generous with donations to SWCS over the years, including this one. However, we didn’t want to over-ask by soliciting yet another donation.

But if we could gather six Chinook book coupons from our community – 4 admissions on each – that would cover a class of 24!

If you’d like to donate your Circuit coupon to the students of SWCS, please contact Christine Egan at

Thank you so much for making our new homegrown arts run a success!

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