Friends Meeting Minutes ~ November 2016

Friends of SW Charter

Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2016

Auction/Fundraiser Update (Hanne)

Hanne met with the Auction/Fundraiser Committee to kick of this year’s auction planning. They would like to change the word “auction” to “fundraiser” to shift the emphasis from getting to giving. This year the committee is cutting out the Silent Auction in order to reduce the work load. There will be a Live Auction and it will include items of different price levels to allow for more accessibility. There are three co-chairs  for the Annual Fundraiser this year.

The Multnomah Athletic Club has been reserved for 2/4/16, but this will be cancelled because more time is needed to plan. The Fundraising Committee will look at potential March dates and contact the Board and Amanda to consult on dates.

Hanne is exploring a variety of new venues for the annual fundraiser and will consider venues on the east side. They are looking for a venue that will accommodate dancing, a DJ, or live band. Food will be served in a buffet or family style dinner instead of a plated dinner as has been done in the past.  Verde Cocina was mentioned as a possible catering option. Ticket prices still need to be determined. Hanne will discuss advanced funds needed to start organizing the Annual Fundraiser. Hanne will also talk with Jessica Nichols and Heidi McKye to align with the board on consistent messaging for the event.

Hanne expressed excitement about the new Fundraising Committee and the new model that we are undertaking this year.

Board Meeting Report (Emilie)

Emilie attended the last board meeting and reported that there was a lot of discussion about the change in executive administration and a focus on the transition. Staff expressed concerns and frustration about the Executive Director hiring process last year. The board explained the hiring process, answered questions, and the concerns seemed to be well resolved. There is overwhelming support for the work that Interim Director Amanda McAdoo is doing now.

There is a long list of successes including the grant that the SWCS has received to disseminate information about our school to other educators.

School Admin Update (Emilie)

Emilie Schulhoff and Melissa Allen have a standing meeting on the second Monday of each month with Amanda McAdoo. In future months, this meeting will happen before the FOSWCS meeting. This month they will discuss messaging between FOSWCS, the office and the school community.

Amanda has talked about a possible fundraiser with Sky High Sports. They would contribute $4 per jumper to the school during our fundraising event. This will be discussed further. It may not be a huge opportunity to raise funds, but it might be a good opportunity for weekdays off school.

Brandy, our PE teacher, has discussed with Amanda ways to engage the school community to be active outside of school. Once per month community hikes was suggested.

We are eager to hear more information on the upcoming foreign language after school classes.

Volunteer Outreach/Messaging (Emilie)

Volunteer leadership positions are filling up. Chinook Book Coordinator, Terracycle, and Community Coffee positions have been filled. We are so grateful!  The next community coffee will start on 11/29 and take place on the last Tuesday of each month to follow. We need to decide if Community Coffee will be bumped up in December to take place before winter break.

Black Friday roller skating is planned at Oaks Park on 11/25.

The Volunteer Coordinator Position is still open. The Sign Up Genius volunteer list has been emailed out to parents and parents can still sign up or delete their name from the list if it is not accurate.

Staff Appreciation

The staff conference potluck went really well. Melissa Allen will talk to Amanda about the details of the upcoming December staff party.

Pizzicato Dough for Dollars Fundraiser (Lisa)

The Dough for Dollars Fundraiser was organized and is set to go on 11/15. Lisa needs help handing out pizzas on Tuesday after school. Melissa offered to help. These fundraisers have been very successful and we are happy with what we have been able to raise from restaurant nights.

We discussed email communications between Friends and the office. Emilie will discuss this process with Amanda during their November meeting to see if we can establish a clear process for email communication between FOSWCS, the office administration, and the school community.

Arts Park Run Update


Budget Update


Google Docs version of November 2016 Minutes


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