Yearbook Photos Needed!

yearbook2It’s time to start thinking about gathering photos for our annual school yearbook.  If you have taken some fantastic shots this year, please let us showcase your pics in the yearbook.  Upload pictures to our file sharing site at  .  The school code is 21079.

We are looking for pics of kids in class, doing field work, theater performances, PE, etc.  Anything that showcases the kids and the school.  The sharing site will ask for a lot of info on each pic, but all we really need is the teacher’s name/ class associated with the photo.

We also encourage everyone to upload photos to your class Shutterfly site.  This is where we pull most of the pics for the yearbook, but the resolution isn’t as good as from the Herff Jones site, so please upload your very best shots there.  Submitting pics to us directly through this site is the best way to assure you child is represented in the yearbook.

Thanks for your help to make the 2017 yearbook great!

Questions or want to help with the yearbook??  Contact Elise Christman at

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