Coordinate a Student Art Masterpiece for Our Annual Fundraiser!


We are looking for one or two volunteers for each class to lead the creation of Art Masterpieces for selling at the 2017 SWCS Fundraiser.

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, this is a fun way to spend quality time in the classroom and support our 2017 SWCS Fundraiser.

There are two ways to approach the project:

  • ‘Piggyback’ on planned art curriculum. You’ll initiate a discussion with the art teachers about projects they already have planned that might work well as fundraiser art. You’ll then take the kids’ creations and figure out how to present them in a compelling way. You may frame, scan, decoupage etc. to make them into an art piece.
  • Come up with an idea and plan the art project from scratch. This includes instructing the kids, buying any materials not available at the school (please ask), figure out the process for making it happen and do what’s needed to make the creations into a final piece of art.

Please email Melissa Allen if you are interested. You’ll most like work with the kids the 3rd or 4th week of February, but there may be some flexibility.

Thank you for supporting the 2017 SWCS Fundraiser!

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