Friends Meeting Minutes ~ February 7, 2017

Friends of SW Charter School

Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2017

SWCS Admin Update (Melissa) 10 mins

Emilie was ill tonight, but sent an email with some information to share.

A weekly SWCS email newsletter is coming! It’s still in the planning phases, but it looks like items to be included will be due by Wednesday evening for publication on Fridays.  Friends will have a section in the newsletter.

Regarding a concern about the state of the school’s vacuums from our last meeting, Marlene makes sure vacuums are in working order. There are several kept in the office that work and are available for use.  If a room cleaner finds a vacuum isn’t working, please tag it – so that it is clearly indicated as broken, and leave in the hallway or bring directly to the office.

Emilie would like the vacuum information sent out to room parents via Shutterfly.

Brandy has come up with a list of weekend hikes. She is working on finalizing with the hopes of publishing to the community soon.  More to come!

ODE Presentation of the SWCS Annual Report is scheduled for 2/23 in Eugene. Amanda is looking for a parent who would be willing to come speak (it would be a full day in Eugene) providing testimony on the positive experience and impact their child’s enrollment in SWCS has provided.  Can we also ask via Shutterfly if anyone is interested in this?

Also, but not for Shutterfly just yet – does anyone know of any parents who would be available to participate in a site visit with ODE on 2/16?  Tentative time is 10:30-11:30.  If interested, please contact Amanda directly.

Amanda has asked Friends to purchase approximately 12 t-shirts for this year’s Battle of the Books teams.  Susan has 2 teams (3rd/4th and Middle School) participating – looking for financial assistance with purchasing shirts. Friends Board approved this request.

Field Day (JoLea) 5 mins

Barring more snow days, Field Day will be Friday, June 9th, the last day of school. City requires that we wait until 3 months before reserving the covered area in the park. Construction of the water main should be done before June.

Staff Holiday Party (Melissa) 5 mins

Staff holiday party is rescheduled for Friday, February 10th. We are still in need of volunteers to bring in savory appetizers. Liz posted the Sign Up Genius request on the Friends Facebook page and blog again today. If we don’t get enough volunteers, Melissa will purchase additional food. We have plenty of money in the budget for this.

Spring Dance (Nicole) 5 mins

Amanda has approved 3 potential dates for a spring dance – April 21, 28, or June 2nd. Nicole, Emilie, Coral will meet next week to plan the event. They are considering hiring Pips Doughnuts for 2 hours, but the cost is just under $1200! We only made $600 with the Scoop ice cream truck. Other options include contacting Blue Star Doughnuts in the S. Waterfront or purchasing doughnuts ourselves. Nicole will keep us posted on what they decide.

Summer Family Camping (JoLea) 5 mins

JoLea hasn’t heard back from Moanna on whether she is willing to coordinate again this year.

Teacher Mini Grants (JoLea) 5 mins

We may put out a call for teacher mini grants this spring. But first JoLea will talk to Amanda about the scholarship need for upcoming overnight trips. If there is not a great demand from teachers for grants, we will consider transferring grant money to the scholarship fund.

Budget (Elise) 5 mins

We’ve spent $125 on staff gifts.

We received $119.75 from TerraCycle.

We’ve made $814.45 from restaurant nights at Old Spaghetti Factory, Mike’s Drive-in, and Pizzicato. We will also be receiving $1319.39 from our restaurant night at Bambuza!

Emergency Preparedness Team purchased (2) 320 gallon water barrels. Friends Board approved $200 for purchase of earthquake straps for the water barrels.

Nicole asked for $100 for spring dance. We’ll definitely support funding this once we know how much they need depending on what they go with – a truck or purchased food.

SWCS Fundraiser (Hanne) 20 mins

SWCS Parent Band has committed to entertain and Lisa will be MC.

Hanne is looking for three people to help with putting together themed packages such as date night, Oregon getaway, and wellness. It would involve mostly emailing businesses and take about 3 hours.

Hanne would like to focus on targeted procurement rather than a general call for donations. Things left over from last year’s auction had to be donated to Goodwill. We are trying to avoid this.

Nicki Stewart is coordinating sign up parties. Email seeking party hosts will go out this week.

We have 6 classroom art projects! Hanne would like to plan an art preview before the fundraiser as well as find a way to allow people to place pre-event bids on the art work. Hanne will get in touch with our AM Coffee Coordinator Corrie to plan a preview.

Fundraiser catalog is coming along. Chris Beckley has offered his design talents again this year. Sarah Anderson is writing an article for the catalog.

During the event Amanda will give a speech.

Melissa stressed the importance of thanking the Garnicas for their generous donation. They are our presenting sponsor and their donation of the venue, food and drink amounts to over $10,000!

Ticket price will be $40 this year. Last year, tickets were $57! Also, because venue, food and drink are being donated, 95% of ticket price goes to school.

Important Dates

February 9       Veggie Grill Dine Out Day 4-9 pm

February 16     SWCS Board Meeting 7 pm

February 20     Presidents’ Day ~ No School for Students

March 2 & 3    Conferences ~ No School for Students

March 14         FOSWCS Meeting 6:30 pm

March 16         SWCS Board Meeting 7 pm

March 19         SWCS Fundraiser 5-8 pm at Verde Cocina Sylvan Heights

March 27 – 31 Spring Break ~ No School for Students

Google Docs version February 2017 Minutes

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