Bring in a Bottle of Wine and Receive an Extra Fundraiser Drink Ticket!


drink_ticketThe SW Charter Annual Fundraiser is just around the corner on Sunday, March 19th. We have a great opportunity for you and your guest to receive an extra drink ticket by helping to stock our Wall of Wine for fundraiser night!

This Thursday 3/2 and Friday 3/3, the school is closed for parent-teacher conferences.  If you bring a bottle of wine with a value over $15, you will receive 1 extra drink per guest.  Just bring a bottle with you the day of your conference, drop it off in the designated spot located in Amanda’s office.

Make sure to write down your name, how many guests and the type of wine you brought.  We will handle the rest.  We really appreciate all of your help in making our annual fundraiser and the Wall of Wine such a huge success.  See you on the playground!

Your Auction Team,

Hanne, Toshya and Carrie

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