2017 Volunteer of the Year ~ Caroline Falcone!

carolineIf you weren’t able to attend our Annual Fundraiser on Sunday, March 19th at Verde Cocina, you missed out on the announcement of this year’s Laura Bracke Volunteer of the Year Award.

In previous years, the Laura Bracke Award winner was chosen by votes cast by the SWCS parent community. This year, we tried something different. Instead, our SWCS teachers and staff selected this year’s outstanding parent volunteer.



At March’s fundraiser, Jonathan read a few words penned by Kathy that attests to Caroline’s important work at SWCS.

Here’s the text of what was shared about Caroline:

The Volunteer of the Year Award is named for former SWCS parent Laura Bracke. Laura is a person who constantly thinks outside of herself, notices when something needs to be done, and then quietly goes about doing it.

During her time her at SWCS, Laura could be seen at the school, tirelessly working on any number of projects including answering phones, sweeping the playground, assisting in classrooms, going on field trips, and more. Many people actually thought she worked at the school!

The way that Laura contributed to our school was done in such a way, with such kindness and with as little fanfare as possible. These are the values we are hoping and working on to instill in our children.

This year’s volunteer of the year award recipient has all of these qualities, plus more. When I think of this person, I can easily see all the work she has tirelessly put into SWCS over the years. She, like Laura tends to fly “under the radar” as she works to make our community a better place for all of our kids. Her work and dedication is a wonderful example to all of us, and more importantly to the students of SWCS.

Through the years she has been a huge support by driving on field trips, getting muddy on field work, working in the classrooms, reading with students and helping out on major school functions. And I cannot even imagine the time and energy that she has put in over the years on nights and weekends, with only thinking of our school and kids.

And it is that focus, the focus on the kids, that really drives this volunteer. And because of that focus and her consideration of the students, she has, and continues to be a champion to teachers, making their voices heard as well listening and constantly looking for solutions.

But really the word that comes to mind when I think of this volunteer, the word that I think describes her the best, and that word is heart. She has more heart than anyone I know.

And her big heart is what has taken her to even a new level in her volunteering. This year she took on the major fundraising for art this year as co-chair of the Arts Park Run. And she has also taken on a large leadership role this year by becoming a member of the school board.

Everyday I can see her kindness and leadership in her children, who have the same heart as their mom.

It is with great admiration that SWCS would like to thank Caroline Falcone as Volunteer of the Year!

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