Friends of SW Charter School Meeting Minutes ~ April 2017

Friends of SW Charter School

Meeting Minutes

April 2017

Fundraiser Wrap-Up (Hanne) 15 mins

Hanne will share her Fundraiser Evaluation with Amanda and Board at the Board Meeting on Thursday, April 13.

We met our goal! We grossed $48,841. Expenses were $7,640. Net result $41,201!

We have plenty of items for an online auction including (4) Disneyland tickets.

Hanne has created a communications calendar for the school office to use to promote the online auction to the community. Hanne will be going directly to Amanda to get an assurance that the office will send out emails in a timely manner. Hanne will not move ahead with the online auction unless the office cooperates with promoting the online auction.

In Hanne’s summary, she outlined the missed opportunities and successes of this year’s fundraiser.

Due to the scaled back nature and shorter planning timeline of this year’s fundraiser, we had fewer revenue generating opportunities such as golden tickets, costume contest, “buy it now” board, etc.

This year’s sign up parties made only about ½ of what they made last year. Remaining slots for sign-ups will be available during the online auction.

We lost a few major sponsors such as Path Construction, Mobile West, Hillside Imports and Pearl Med Spa.

Unexpected expenses included $2000 for sound, light, and projection as well as gratuity for Verde Cocina.

This year, we had 11 donors who gave $1000 or more, last year we had 20. We also sold 18 fewer tickets than last year.

On the positive side, attendees found the change of venue and food refreshing, appreciated less programming and fewer speeches, liked the Makers’ Market raffle, and the parent band. Lisa and auctioneer were a great team.

Online Auction (Hanne)

The online auction will be Friday, April 21 – Sunday, April 30.

Items will be distributed to winning bidders at school on Tuesday, May 2.

Spring Dance Update (Emilie)

Dance is scheduled for Friday, May 19th 6:00 – 8:30 pm

After much research, we’ve concluded that food trucks are out of our budget. Instead, we will purchase snacks at Costco and then ask for voluntary donations.  We will also look into borrowing or renting a popcorn maker.

Executive Director Update (Emilie)

Emilie met with Amanda on Monday, April 10.

We set some dance dates for next year – 9/15/17 for fall social dance and 6/1/18 for the spring dance.

The first day of school for 2017-18 will be Tuesday, September 5, 2017 for Grades 1-8. Kindergarten will start Thursday, September 7, 2017.

Teachers are back on Monday, August 28, 2017. We will plan a lunch for their first day back. Sarah Mutal will be coordinating this as she will be in charge of Staff Appreciation for the 2017-2018 school year.

Staff Appreciation Week will be May 8-12, 2017.

The office will begin a weekly email newsletter right before school starts in September 2017. Friends events and news will be included in each newsletter to the community. Items for inclusion will be due Wednesdays, with publication being on Fridays.

Amanda suggested we consider an idea from MLC for teacher gifts. For teacher holiday gifts at MLC, they pull together as a community and make baskets for each teacher. Every teacher receives something and it is more equitable. For our teachers, end of the year gifts can vary wildly from a $200 gift card to a $10 Starbucks card. Gifts are dependent on the individual class and fluctuate greatly. In general, we are receiving less money from families for teacher gifts then we have in the past. We could try to begin this next school year. Families could still give money or alternatively bake cookies, knit a scarf, etc. Then, everything can be gathered and distributed evenly among the baskets.

Nicole will check in with room parents to see where they are with funds for the purchase of end of the year teacher gifts. If some classes are short, we can see what needs to be filled in.

Student Art Show (Melissa) 5 mins

Friday, April 21 from 3 – 8 pm at Sean Z. Becker Real Estate in the S. Waterfront.

Melissa emphasized how generous and wonderful Sean Z. Becker Real Estate has been to work with. They are providing a gorgeous space as well as wine and juice boxes for the event. Melissa would like us to come up with a way to thank them.

Nicole will remind Room Parents to get the word out about the Student Art Show. Flyers went out with the kids today.

Staff Appreciation Week (Melissa) 5 mins

Staff Appreciation Week will be May 8 – 12.

Melissa has sent Elise all the info for Staff Appreciation Week and we will begin promoting it 2 weeks before by sending out the call for chocolate and flowers.

We will need 2 middle schoolers to take the coffee cart around to the teachers.

Friday lunch for staff will be provided by Nicholas Restaurant. When staff had their food over the summer, they really liked it.

Tie Dye Days will be Thursday, June 1 and Friday, June 2. All the teachers are on board. We need to have a parent from each class coordinate collection of white t-shirts, etc. Nicole will get the email out to the room coordinators. Mid-May we’ll begin collecting t-shirts. Parent coordinators need to get t-shirts for teachers too.

Field Day (JoLea) 5 mins

JoLea met with Kathy today. They surveyed the students in various grades. Kids really want the ice cream truck back. They also like face painting, tug of war, and kickball. This year at Willamette Park, we’ll have the covered area, playground, and smaller field next to the tennis courts.

Some things the kids asked for that we won’t be able to provide are a petting zoo, permission to climb trees and to bring electronics.

We might we be able to provide some snacks and watermelon. We will look into getting the ice cream truck as well.

A lot of the 8th graders reported that they don’t like field day. They have pretty much outgrown it. In the future, perhaps 7th and 8th graders could have a field day at Oaks Park. We can look into group/field trip rates.

Miscellaneous (JoLea) 5 mins

Is this SWCS’s 10-year anniversary? If so, should there be some sort of celebration? Emilie will email Amanda. We’re not sure if we want to take this on. Perhaps the administration will plan something at an all-school meeting.

Hanne will present thank you playground plaques to Andersen Construction at the board meeting on Thursday. Melissa will find out what Jeff likes to drink and we’ll present that as well.

Secretary Replacement for 2017-2018 Schoolyear (Liz) 5 mins

Liz will resign as Secretary at the end of school year.

In addition, Elise will also resign as Volunteer Coordinator and Treasurer.

We discussed an overall change in direction for Friends with the need for a board of new parents who can decide what they want to keep and in what direction they would like to go. As we discussed the changes ahead, some would like to keep the structure we have established and others feel like Friends needs to die before it can be resurrected by other interested parents.

Nicole has reported frustration from parents of younger kids that Friends meetings are always are on the west side of Portland. Most of us feel our location is appropriate because our school is located on the west side and Elephant’s is very close to school. But all agreed new leadership should decide where they want to meet.

Emilie will begin composing a message to the community about a new start for Friends, especially reaching out to parents of younger kids. In Emilie’s message departing Board members will include what they have enjoyed about being a part of the Friends Board. We need people to take a leadership role, not just sign up for one-time events.

Emilie will include job descriptions for Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator in her message to the community.

Emilie will talk with Amanda about the upcoming changes to the Friends Board.

Budget (Elise)

No budget information from Karen.

Friends Board voted to increase budget for spring dance to $200


School Talent Show will be the last week of school.

Important Dates:

April 13                       Yearbook Order Forms Due

April 13                       SWCS Board Meeting 7:30 pm

April 19                       Spring Plant Sale Order Forms Due

April 21                       Student Art Show at Sean Z. Becker Real Estate 3 – 8 pm

April 21-30                  SWCS Online Auction

April 25                       Friends AM Coffee 8:30 am Great Room

May 2                         Online Auction Items Distributed

May 9                         Friends of SW Charter Monthly Meeting 6:30 pm – 8 pm Elephants on Corbett

May 11                       Spring Plant Sale Order Delivery Day

May 15                       Pietro’s Pizza Dine Out Day 11 am – 11 pm Milwaukie location

May 19                       Spring Dance 6 – 8:30 pm

May 29                       Memorial Day ~ No School for Students

June 1 & 2                  Tie Dye Days

June 2 – 4                   Family Camping Weekend at Camp Wilkerson

June 9                        Field Day/Last Day of School

Google Docs version of April 2017 Minutes.

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  1. Maggie Tosh says:

    Just a quick correction rr the online auction: it will take place Fri, April 21 through Sun, April 30 (not 23rd).

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