Meeting Minutes ~ May 2017

Friends of SW Charter School

May Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2017

Staff Appreciation Week Update (Melissa)

Everything is going well. Flowers were delivered to teachers and staff on Monday. The coffee cart provided Ginny & Trevin Miller was a big hit. The cart made $75 in addition to providing teachers and staff with free coffee. We don’t have many people signed up for the Parent Work Party on Wednesday, but Melissa feels confident that people will just show up.  We are in good shape for Chocolate Delivery Day on Thursday. The catered lunch from Nicholas’ is all set for Friday.

We would like to recruit a second person to help Sarah Mutal with staff appreciation duties next year. It really is a 2-person job. It would be ideal if we could find someone newer to the school with young children. Melissa emphasized that it’s a great opportunity to get to know the school and families. Melissa will work with Sarah to recruit someone.

Executive Director Update

We do not have an update from Amanda this month.

June Meeting Date and Location

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13th, but we are planning to change it to Tuesday, June 6th. Instead of having a regular meeting, we discussed having an end of the year party like we did last year at Elise’s house. As several of our board members are stepping down at the end of the school year, we thought a “Summer Party Meet & Greet” would be a good opportunity to recruit new members.

We have not decided on a location yet for the June 6th meeting.  No one in attendance this evening is able to host at her home. We would like to have the party/meeting at a restaurant with good food that has space where we could meet.

Talent Show – Dates and Times

Student talent show will take place on June 7 & 8. Grades K-4 will be Wednesday and Grades 5-8 will be Thursday.

Spring Dance (Nicole)

Spring Dance will be Friday, May 19th from 6-8:30 pm.

A box at Kathy’s desk is available for student song requests to create a playlist. Unfortunately, the dance planning committee was unable to go to each classroom to tell the kids about the box. Instead, Nicole will email teachers so they can let kids know about putting their requests in the box.

Flyers for the dance will go out tomorrow.

Lights are set.

Tie-Dye Days (Melissa)

Tie-Dye Days are scheduled for June 1 & 2. T-Shirts need to be collected by next week. Classes without a parent volunteer to help coordinate Tie-Days Days will not participate. Melissa will go on Facebook and try to round up people for classes that don’t have a parent coordinator.

Room Parents need to go on Shutterfly and make a sign up during class art time on either June 1 or 2. Two parent volunteers are needed per class. Tie-Dyes will be done at Carruthers Park.

Online Auction (Hanne)

Online auction made just under $3000!

Field Day and Food (Melissa)

Art stations will be spray art, a bubble table with assorted wands, and leather cord and beads.

Melissa will talk with Elise to see if there is money in the budget to provide lunch for field day volunteers.


Melissa will talk with Elise about money for end of the year gifts for Brandi and Nate. Most of the classes are fine on money for end of the year gifts for teachers.

Important Dates

May 8 – 12                 Staff Appreciation Week

May 10                       Parent Work Party 3 – 5 pm

May 11                       Spring Plant Sale Delivery 3 pm

May 15                       Dine Out Day at Pietro’s Pizza 10300 SE Main St., Milwaukie 11 am – 11 pm

May 18                       SWCS Board Meeting 7 pm

May 19                       Spring Dance 6 – 8:30 pm

May 29                       Memorial Day – No School

May 30                       Friends AM Coffee

Jun 1 & 2                    Tie-Dye Days

Jun 2-4                        Family Camping Weekend at Camp Wilkerson

June 6                        Tentative Friends of SW Charter “Meet & Greet”

Jun 9                           Field Day/Last Day of School


Google Docs version: May 2017


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