Friends Job Descriptions

Here are job descriptions for various Friends of SW Charter positions:

Black Friday Roller Skating at Oaks Park

  • Help coordinate this event. Done from your home.


  • Gather items and mail them to get money for SWCS.

Camp Wilkerson Family Camping Weekend

  • Coordinate this annual event. Need promotion, day of event coordination, etc.

Carpool Coordinator

Chinook Book Fundraising Coordinator

  • Coordinate this event in fall.

Community Coffee

  • Organize monthly community coffee- pick up pastries, brew coffee, purchase supplies.

Fall Community Building Event

  • Coordinate this event in fall. Emails from home, purchasing items, crafting, brainstorming, procuring prizes, soliciting day of event volunteers, etc.

Family Directory

  • Create a directory of all families at SWCS. Work from home.

Field Day

  • Coordinate this June event, purchase lunch for volunteers, popsicles, volunteers day of event, etc.

Mini Grants for Teachers

Parent Business Directory

  • Create a directory of parent businesses. Work from home.

Parent Resource Directory

  • Create a directory of parents skills and resources. Work from home.

Plant Sale

  • Coordinate this Spring event.

Playground Committee

  • Work with school administrators and Board to better use space, improve safety, and increase FUN.

Restaurant Nights

  • Schedule fundraising events throughout the school year at local restaurants.

Room Parent Coordinator

The job consists of making sure Room Parents are getting things done and creating/ distributing the teacher folders that contain this job descriptions and any teacher specific info as well.

Room Parents

The Room Parent acts as a liaison between the Friends of SW Charter and the parents in your classroom. The Room Parent  also works with the teacher on things he or she may need in the classroom. Being a Room Parent is a very rewarding experience and an excellent way to get to know the parents in your classroom. You can feel great knowing that you are alleviating some of the burden for your teacher.

Responsibilities include:

Identify yourself to parents by email or through the classroom Shutterfly website.  Gather all the email addresses for the class (the teacher can provide this) and create a contact list.  This way you will be contacting just parents in your class.  With Shutterfly you may be contacting families from two classes (if your teacher shares the site with another teacher).  When sending emails use the BCC option so emails remain confidential and there aren’t loads of “reply to all” emails.

Let parents know you will be their point of contact for questions and, if you don’t know the answer, reassure them you will do your best to find out!

Welcome all new families that join SWCS throughout the year. We have many new families join us each year and they need to know they can turn to you with questions.

Keep a close eye on your email; the Room Parent Coordinator will contact you via email with order forms, notices and information to be forwarded to your community.

Give your parents a heads up that you will be organizing collective gifts for your teacher’s birthday, for the winter holiday and an end of the year thank you.  You can find volunteers in your class to help with the shopping, card creating/ signing, etc.  You will also need to gather funds for the class art auction project.  What has gotten the best feedback is to ask for a minimum donation of $20 upfront to cover all four of these items, $5 for each.  That should give you enough money (about $100) for each event.  If you end up spending less on the art project or gifts earlier in the year then you will be able to put more toward the year end gift.  Please see the teacher info sheet included in the room parent folders.  These sheets will tell you about their likes and dislikes, etc.  Here are the teacher birthdays.  For birthdays in the summer, you can celebrate “half-birthdays”, or combine with the year-end gift.

Teacher Birthday
 Courtney Miller  January 25
 Lisa Columbo  January 31
 Raina Janke  February 20
 Nesa Levy  May 31
Chris Wyland June 20 (half b-day December 20)
Susan Hathaway July 15 (half b-day January 15)
Amanda Mitchell August 11
Megan Richter October 28

Find a volunteer to be the art auction project coordinator.  Every class will create an art project for the annual auction which is the main fundraiser for the school.  Those awesome works of art are in high demand at the auction and can raise a lot of money for the school!  It may take a little work to get a volunteer, so it’s best to start looking early.

Let your classroom know, at least one week in advance, when it’s your turn to fill the snack basket.  Create a sign-up sheet (ON SHUTTERFLY) asking for a minimum of three to four volunteers a week to bring nut free snacks in for the staff.  The snacks are to be delivered to the office; there is a basket near the fridge. Perishable snacks or drinks can be put into the fridge, leave a note if you do so the staff knows that they can help themselves!  The snack basket schedule is posted on box-refill-schedule/. Here it is too:

Month Teacher
October Susan
November Lisa
December Chris
January Courtney
February Raina
March Megan
April Nesa
May Amanda

Let your teacher know that you are able to help seek out and organize field trip chaperones, cleaning rotations, returning library books, filling homework folders, filing or copying worksheets. Work with your teacher to identify the best way to notify parents when help is needed.

Look for opportunities to get your classroom together outside of school.  Organize park play dates, plan to go to a Valley Cinema showing together or out to Chapman School to watch the swifts.  Ask your teacher if they’d like an end of the year party and help plan that with them.

The 2016/2017 Classroom Reps are:

Teacher Classroom Representative
Raina  Rachael Stedman
Nesa  Moanna Wright
Angie  Nicole Rosen & Coral Thomas
Susan  Sarah Mutal
Elizabeth  Sarah Gilmore
Lisa  Erica Bailey
Chris  JoLea Ulschmid
Emily  Jen Downer

Run for the Arts


  • Take minutes at each monthly Friends meeting and post on the Friends blog and Facebook.
  • Post and maintain the Friends blog with current information and news for the community.
  • Maintain the Friends Google calendar.
  • Decorate the Friends bulletin board in the school lobby.

Staff Appreciation/Staff Gifts

T-Shirt Sales

  • From design through delivery.


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create signups, find people to fill jobs.

Yearbook Coordinators

  • All aspects of yearbook creation.

Last updated: 6/6/2017