Staff Snack Schedule

Each month a different home room is assigned the task of keeping the chest filled with nut free snacks.

An email reminder will be sent to each parent from the FOSWCS Classroom Rep.  Snacks can be dropped off in the office during school hours unless other drop-off arrangements are made with your Classroom Rep/Room Parent.

Here’s this year’s snack schedule:

Snack Box Refill Schedule 2016-2017
Month Class
October  Susan (3)
November  Lisa (6)
December  Chris (7/8)
January  Morgen (4/5)
February  Raina (K)
March  Angie (1/2)
April  Nesa (1/2)
May  Elizabeth (4/5)
June  Emily (7/8)

Some snack ideas to consider:

Crackers, pita chips & hummus, chips & salsa, jerky, dried fruit, granola bars, single serve soups, oatmeal, fresh fruit, muffins, breads and of course, chocolate.

Beyond that, it’s all up to you as long as you remember; we’re a nut-free school!

Updated 8/27/2016


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